From the radio scene, the 4th Osamu Suzuki, the reason why the future of the radio world “should be bright”

A series “From the Radio Site” that delves into various people involved in the radio industry. The first person to commemorate is Osamu Suzuki, a broadcast writer. Takuya Kimura is indispensable in looking back on his activities as a writer on radio. This time, he talked briefly about his impressions when he met, his charm as a personality, and Suzuki’s future radio world.

■ The attraction of Takuya Kimura is “Don’t lie on the radio”

Mr. Osamu Suzuki: My relationship with TOKYO FM started when I was in charge of “What’s UP SMAP!” By Mr. Takuya Kimura, which started in 1995, but the shocking thing was when I first met Mr. Kimura. I hate “Dream is MORI MORI”, “he said. I hate “Yume ga MORI MORI”. Because, I loved the “If I could meet you in a dream” that I was doing before that. Since the program after that had a “dream”, I thought it would be interesting, but unlike my own image, I thought “What’s this?” (Laughs). Then, when I met Kimura, he said, “I hate’Dream MORI’.” Maybe I said it within 10 turns of the first conversation I had (laughs). Perhaps Kimura had never worked with a writer of the same generation at that time, so I think he was able to hit it off right away. ――What was your first impression? Before I met Kimura, I was working on an event for Hikaru GENJI, and it was exactly Johnny’s impression. I had that image, but Kimura was the exact opposite. It was neutral, so I was very surprised. ――It seems that you were thinking about the concept of making it a “radio that men can listen to”. That was also said by the person himself. I also did things like Tale in the program. There was also a part that led to the later “SMAP x SMAP”. ――What do you think is attractive about Mr. Kimura as a radio personality? Do you not lie on the radio? I’m working hard and I think that attitude is wonderful. Right now I listen to “Flow (supported by GYAO!)” As a listener, but I don’t think there is a lie. I don’t cut corners and I’m serious.

■ Masahiro Nakai says, “I think I’m good at using the radio.”

――How about looking at the other members of former SMAP as a radio-like talker? (Inagaki) Goro-chan’s “THE TRAD” is very easy to listen to. There is that generation, but the words are polite and transmitted one by one. Nakai (Masahiro) You have your own radio channel, don’t you? I think that it is good to use it because it separates the transmission from the radio and others. (Katori) Shingo is a genius, so he said, “That’s good!” (Kusanagi) You’re doing “ShinTsuyo POWER SPLASH” with Tsuyoshi. It’s also nice to be doing it with a sense of distance between those two people. Tsuyoshi also did “ANN” once, and it was really good at that time as well. They don’t do it alone, but I think it would be messed up. ――Is there any radio that you are involved in as a composition now? Not now.

■ Listen as a listener TOKYO FM

――What program are you listening to as a listener? You often listen to TOKYO FM. Do you listen to “Skyrocket Company” the most? Mambo Yashiro is a junior in high school, but his radio is easy to listen to. I like fun radio. I also listen to Tatsuro Yamashita’s “Sunday Songbook” every week. It really delivers the ultimate music, so it can be used as background music for work. Besides, Keisuke Kuwata’s “Easy nightlife”. “Ah, Reiji Abe” also plays songs from our generation, so I listen to it. Recently, I like Lily Franky’s “Snack Radio”. There’s nothing I can do about that radio (laughs). It’s really good. It hasn’t really changed since long ago, but it’s good that it’s being broadcast from 16:00. Although it is irregular, Haruki Murakami’s “Murakami RADIO” is also good. The music played is wonderful, and Murakami-san’s chat is all information. On a radio that really looks like an essay. This program is “Revechi”, isn’t it? It’s interesting. ――How about the comedian’s radio? You can’t listen to the comedian’s radio because it’s so close to me. I listened to Koji Higashino’s “ANN” that was broadcast the other day. It’s okay to go as far as Mr. Higashino, but I want to listen to more radio by other people. People who are close to me have a job, or it’s hard to listen to them. ――Mr. Suzuki, what do you think the radio world will be like in the future? Isn’t there a pinch that TV is facing now? However, the radio world was the first to make radiko, and I think there is something we can do about it. There are many people who want to play the radio. After that, I think it’s great to be able to use songs. You can’t use music with personal audio media. I’m half listening to the radio to listen to music, so the future should be bright. However, surprisingly everyone does not know radiko yet. I always think that there is nothing so convenient. There are unexpected songs on the radio, so it’s very easy. In that sense, I think the future is bright if there are more ways to monetize and it is understood that there is radiko and it is easier to listen to.