Gen Hoshino, “A little more …” on the midnight survival confirmation LINE coming from Shun Oguri

The blockbuster stage greeting of the movie “Voice of Sin” (released on October 30) was held in Tokyo on the 11th, and directors Shun Oguri, Gen Hoshino, Shohei Uno, Nanoka Hara, and Nobuhiro Doi appeared. From the left, Shun Oguri and Gen Hoshino are live-action adaptations of Takeshi Shiota’s novel of the same name. Newspaper reporter Hideshi Akutsu (Oguri) was selected as a special planning group to pursue the largest unsolved case in the Showa era, and will continue to interview based on the remaining evidence. Meanwhile, Toshiya Sone (Hoshino), who runs a tailor in Kyoto, finds a cassette tape in his father’s relics. Somehow I was worried about it, and when I played it, I heard my own voice when I was young. It was exactly the same voice as the threatening tape used by the criminal group in Showa’s largest unsolved case, which threatened multiple companies over 30 years ago and shook Japan. The same work, which has already mobilized 500,000 people and is a big hit. When Oguri and Hoshino seemed to be on good terms with each other, the audience asked, “Where do you want each other to be fixed?” Oguri said, “No, I’m always a person who has bothered Gen-chan …” Hoshino denies, “That’s not the case!” However, he pointed out, “Sometimes he pops up LINE at midnight and it’s like” How are you? “. When I wondered if it was a so-called invitation to drink and answered” I’m fine “, he didn’t return …” To Oguri, who laughed as “survival confirmation,” Hoshino revealed that he wanted him to fix it, “I wonder if he could catch a little more.” In addition, Oguri asked, “What if we could co-star with two people next time?” Oguri said, “I want to do something like a comedy this time. I’m thinking that my brothers can do it because they are two different ages, so I want to do a comedy.” Hoshino also bowed to the director, saying, “It’s good. Then Mr. Doi, please.” When a young man who wanted to be an actor asked, “Dream when you were young, what did you do?”, “I wanted to be an actor somehow when I was a high school student, so I’m still in the middle of my dream.” (Oguri), “I saw a movie called” The Blues Brothers “when I was in the lower grades of elementary school, and I thought,” I want to go to that side. “I wonder if there is a prototype now.” (Hoshino), “I like movies, “I didn’t want to be something” (Uno), “When I was 10 years old, I was addicted to the main character’s animation, so I wanted to be an idol” (Hara), revealing their dreams. However, he thought “Hmm” about “efforts so far”. When Oguri replied, “Maybe it’s an effort, but I don’t feel like I’ve been trying so much,” Hoshino praises it as “cool!”. Oguri said, “Isn’t it? I said it was cool now,” and Hoshino said, “It’s good. I think it’s cool and I’m allowed.”