Keita Machida “Kurosawa” and Eiji Akaso “Adachi” stay overnight to take care of them!As it happens … “Cheri Maho” Episode 6

The sixth episode of the drama “Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Old, You Can Become a Wizard” (TV Tokyo and others, every Thursday from 1:00 pm), starring Eiji Akaso and Keita Machida, will be broadcast on November 12.

This work is based on the comic of the same name by Yu Toyota, commonly known as “Cheri Maho”. The urban legend that is whispered “It seems that you can become a witch if you are a virgin until the age of 30” has become a reality, and the hero who has acquired the ability to “read the heart of the person who touched it” Kiyoshi Adachi (Akaso) was left with this power. However, one day, by reading the heart of Yuichi Kurosawa (Machida), a good-looking guy who can work, the story begins to move from the point where he knows his love for himself.

In the previous episode 5, Adachi did magic with all his heart to help his business partner and Kurosawa, who is in a terrible mood.

In the sixth episode, Kurosawa takes care of Adachi, who is not in good physical condition, by staying overnight. In addition, Kurosawa will stay at Adachi’s house as a matter of course! Kurosawa soared, but for some reason he had a takoyaki party with Yuta Rokkaku (Takuya Kusakawa / Bullet Train).

And that night, Kurosawa noticed that his feelings for Adachi had stopped working …

At that time, Adachi’s best friend and novelist Masato Tsuge (Kodai Asaka) asked for a delivery service because he wanted to meet a delivery company, Risa Wataya, but Minato suddenly stopped coming and was in agony. …….