“Medical tight-pressed scenario” Chairman of the government subcommittee, Mr. Oye, feels a sense of crisis

“Medical tight-pressed scenario” Chairman of the government subcommittee, Mr. Oye, has a sense of crisis November 11 at 9:39 p.m.

Shigeru Hio, chairman of the government’s subcommittee, said in an interview with NHK on Friday night that the current state of infection in the country “is clearly on the rise as people move more and more. If this situation continues, there may be scenarios where the infection will spread rapidly and medical care will become tight,” he said, expressing a sense of crisis about the future epidemic situation.
Chairman Ogi said, “In the previous subcommittee, the situation in which the infection has skyrocketed was set to ‘Stage 3’, but in the region that became stage 3, social and economic activities, including the GoTo campaign, must be restrained. I think the time will come sooner or later to determine whether such strong restrictions are necessary. In order not to do so, we have to somehow get the infection going down.”

“It is Japan’s first experience to start winter as the epidemic continues, and it is unknown what will happen in cold weather.” However, if we can survive this winter, we will have experienced a whole year and all the seasons, and we will be able to see more clearly the parts that can be relaxed and the parts that must continue to be restricted. Moreover, the result of the vaccine development should come out, too. We have a lot of people putting up with it for a long time, but first of all, in order to get through this winter, I would like you to take action to avoid the “five scenes” shown as measures to prevent infection.”