Nuclear fuel plant under construction, some rebar corroded or Aomori Roksho Village

Nuclear fuel plant under construction Partial rebar corroded or Aomori Roksho Village November 11 at 12:37 a.m.

It was found that corrosion may be progressing in about 3100 reinforcing bars on the third basement floor of a plant that produces nuclear fuel mixed with plutonium, which is under construction in Aomori Prefecture. Nippon Combustion, a business operator, will respond so that there are no problems with earthquake resistance for completion in two years’ time, such as putting together a plan to replace it.
The plant, which produces nuclear fuel mixed with plutonium under construction in Roksho Village, Aomori Prefecture, is one of the most important facilities in the country’s nuclear fuel cycle policy and effectively passed a review of regulatory standards made after the nuclear accident last month.

As a result of examining the rebar for the construction of the third basement floor in September, we found that approximately 3,100 bottles, which represent 16%, may be below the JIS-Japan Industrial Standards, which define the quality of industrial products in the “growth” item, which indicates the soundness of the reinforcing bars.

Rebar has been assembled since 2013, but construction has been suspended since 2015 in the state it was in before pouring concrete.

Although Nippon Combustion has taken measures against rust, such as attaching a seat on the way, corrosion seems to have progressed, and we have put together a plan to replace all of them.

In addition, we will check the status of more than 16,000 reinforcing bars on the remaining three basement floors.

The plant is scheduled to be completed in two years, and Nippon Combustion plans to take measures to ensure that there are no problems with the building due to earthquake resistance.