Bishonen Daisho Iwasaki, the first musical starring “Shivering does not stop” Junior Nao Oriyama gives a sense of security

The public Genepro of the fantastic Christmas musical “ELF The Musical” was held at the New National Theater Tokyo on the 12th, and Daisho Iwasaki (Bishonen / Johnny’s Jr. * Hatatsusaki Saki) and Naohiro Oriyama (Shonen Ninja / Johnny’s Jr.), Hinata Kashiwagi (private Ebisu Junior High School), Kong Kuwata, and Tetsuya Bessho have appeared. Daisho Iwasaki The film was made into a musical on Broadway in New York in 2010 after the hit of the movie “Elf”, which was a big hit in the United States starring Will Ferrell in 2003. After that, it was performed in the United States, London, etc., and it has become a popular work representing Christmas in the United States. Iwasaki, who starred in the first musical for the first time, said with a bitter smile, “I’m so nervous right now. I can’t stop trembling.” “There were a lot of difficult things, but everyone is wonderful, and I’ve been studying hard, and I’ve had a wonderful experience,” he says. However, when it comes to being called “starring,” he said, “No, it’s too early, for me!” “After it’s decided, I’m often asked to say” Chairman! “Or” Starring “, but please really forgive me! When that happens, the load is steadily increasing …”, he said, “If you go to the interview, the chairman, It’s like a chairman. ” Regarding Iwasaki, the adults said, “It’s wonderful. My pure heart is shining” (Bessho), “Because my heart is coming along properly. It stains. How many times did you make me cry in the practice hall?” …… Yeah! Everyone is good ”(Kong). Kashiwagi said, “I was the youngest when it came to this kind of personal work. It wasn’t until I got two of them that I was older, so I was a little nervous and felt like I had to do it properly. However, I asked them to pull me in the opposite direction, “Kong said,” I’m doing my sister properly. I’m watching them properly. ” Oriyama also said, “At first, I was afraid that only Daisho was on my side, but everyone is really kind and teaches me various things.” “I often dance in a group called Shonen Ninja, but singing on the stage is refreshing. Mr. Kong says,’If you have abs, you can be like me, one pack.'” Reproduce the appearance by hand and invite laughter. “I will try to dance, so I would like to see it in various ways,” he appealed. During the lessons, he was careful about wearing masks and social distance, but Iwasaki, who appeared for the lead role, revealed that the mask was also “busy and transparent” and said, “When you breathe, it’s not air. Water is coming in! ” Regarding Oriyama, who played the role of brother, “I had the most involvement, and I was with him when I was sent to LA last year, and when I decided, I felt relieved. You don’t have to be weird and relax. There was something I couldn’t do. ” When asked if the members would come to see it, Oriyama said, “I heard you’re going to see it, but it’s not me. I’m going to see Daisho!” “Why?” When I heard that, he said, “Daisho, singing from me”, but I can’t help it because he’s really good … There’s Oriyama too! ” Kong and Bessho suggested an unexpected turn, saying, “There are a lot of hidden ollies (Oriyama)” and “I’m dancing in a good place.” The performance will be from 12th to 22nd at the New National Theater Tokyo.Nao Oriyama in a happy pose Stage photo shoot: Eri Iwata