Compete with JO1 Issei Mamehara, Kinjo, Yonashiro, and Kouki Kameda! Challenge the “10 million yen if you win” project

Global boy group JO1’s regular program “JO1 Star Gather TV” (ABEMA every Friday from 22:00). In the delivery on the 13th tomorrow, Issei Mamehara, Sukai Kinjo, and Sho Yonashiro will challenge the “10 million yen if you beat Kouki Kameda” project. “JO1 Star Gather TV” “JO1 Star Gather TV” is a performance performance by JO1 members aiming for the top of the world, inviting “Genseki-san” who is also aiming for the world in the same generation and “Star-san” who won the world. A program to learn the attitude. Former boxing champion Kouki Kameda, who won the world’s third class, and his father, Shiro Kameda, who raised the three Kameda brothers to become world champions, will appear as guests as “stars” who have won the world since the last time. .. And from among the JO1 movement selection members convened for this day, Issei Mamehara, Sukai Kinjo, and Sho Yonashiro who showed their senses were held as a project to commemorate the 1st anniversary of ABEMA in 2017, and the number of views Will challenge the legendary project “10 million yen if you win against Kameda Kouki” because he has exceeded 14.2 million. Under the direct guidance of Mr. Shiro, the members who challenged the Kameda-style training “Jab of the World”, “Ping Pong Ball Defense”, “Mitt Hitting”, etc., which the three Kameda brothers actually performed, are doing their best this time. At the request of Mr. Kouki, who was inspired, he challenged “10 million yen if he beats Kameda Kouki”, which was to be held in a hurry. Under the special rule that if you make two punches a clean hit to Mr. Kouki within the limited time of 30 seconds, you can win a prize of 10 million yen, a head-to-head game with Mr. Kouki I do. Can the three hit a clean hit on Mr. Kouki, who has retired from active duty, and win a splendid 10 million yen !? Also, in the latter half of the program, as “Genseki-san” aiming for the world, in 2019 The members will challenge parkour with the guest, Tomoya Suzuki, an active university student who won the 5th place in the freestyle category of the 1st Parkour Japan Championship. (C) AbemaTV, Inc.