[Domestic infection]12 days a day the highest number of 1635 people infection confirmed in one day (18:30)

[Domestic infection]12 days a day the highest number of 1635 people infection confirmation (18:30) November 12 18:43

On the 12th, 1,635 infections have been announced, the highest number of infections a day in Japan. In addition, there were announcements of six deaths, including two in Hokkaido, one in Saitama Prefecture, one in Okinawa Prefecture, one in Kanagawa Prefecture, and one in Aomori Prefecture.

A total of 114,513 people have been confirmed infected in the country, including airport quarantine, and 712 passengers and crew on cruise ships.

A total of 1882 people died, including 1869 people infected in the country and 13 on board the cruise ship.
According to each municipality, the number of people who have been confirmed infected in Japan is as follows in total.

( ) is the new number of infected people on the 12th.

Tokyo has 33,770 people (393)
Osaka Prefecture has 14,607 (231)
Kanagawa Prefecture: 9749 (147)
Aichi Prefecture has 7311 people (143)
Saitama Prefecture: 6551 (75)
Kashiwa Chiba Prefecture has 5558 people (74)
Fukuoka Prefecture: 5344 (16)
Hokkaido has 4820 people (236)
Hyogo Prefecture has 3,747 people (81)
Okinawa Prefecture: 3620 people (24)
Kyoto Prefecture: 2222 (17)
In Kashiwa Miyagi Prefecture, there were 943 people (18)
Gunma Prefecture has 942 people (5)
Ibaraki Prefecture has 880 people (26)
Kumamoto Prefecture has 875 people (9)
Ishikawa Prefecture has 827 people (2)
Shizuoka Prefecture has 806 people (13)
Nara Prefecture has 788 (17)
Gifu Prefecture: 785 (20)
Hiroshima Prefecture has 684 people (2)
Shiga Prefecture has 647 people (11)
Mie Prefecture has 606 people (3)
Kagoshima Prefecture has 548 people (1)
Tochigi Prefecture has 507 people (2)
Toyama Prefecture has 425 people
Fukushima Prefecture has 421 people (2)
Nagano Prefecture: 406 (13)
Miyazaki Prefecture has 373 people
Okayama Prefecture has 354 people (6)
Wakayama Prefecture has 304 people (6)
Saga Prefecture has 276 people (1)
There are 275 people in Aomori Prefecture.
Fukui Prefecture has 269 people (1)
There are 267 people in Asahi Yamanashi Prefecture.
Nagasaki Prefecture has 249 people
Yamaguchi Prefecture has 234 people (1)
Niigata Prefecture has 219 people (3)
There are 170 people in Tokushima Prefecture.
Oita Prefecture has 163 people (1)
There are 144 people in Kochi Prefecture.
There are 141 people in Asahi Shimane Prefecture.
Ehime Prefecture has 121 people (4)
There are 110 people in Kagawa Prefecture.
In Asahi Yamagata Prefecture, there were 94 people (2)
Akita Prefecture has 70 people (2)
There are 51 people in Tottori Prefecture.
There are 42 people (1) in Kashiwa Iwate Prefecture.

In addition to this
1313 people (26) were infected in quarantine at the airport.
A total of 173 people have been infected, including state officials and quarantine officers, who have returned from China on charter planes.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 226 people (+22) have been confirmed infected with the new coronavirus and have been treated on ventilators or intensive care rooms.

On the other hand, people who have been discharged from the hospital with improved symptoms, as of the 12th,
105 people infected in the country,
A total of 659 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship are 10,664.

In addition, on the 10th of this month, 22,029 PCR tests were carried out per day in the preliminary figures.

Kanagawa Prefecture has corrected the number of infected people. Decreased by one person on the 8th.
The number of people infected in Okinawa Prefecture has been corrected. Decreased by one person on the 8th.
The aggregation may be revised at a later date.
It does not include infected people of U.S. forces in Japan.