“Encounter with Yokai Gakuen Y ~ N ~” Episode 45, Save Rant!Total attack started

The synopsis and preceding cut of the 45th episode of the anime “Yo-Kai Watch Jam Yo-Kai Gakuen Y-Encounter with N-“, which is being broadcast every Friday at 6:25 pm on the TV Tokyo network 6 stations, has arrived.

The anime “Yo-Kai Watch Jam Yo-Kai Gakuen Y ~ Encounter with N ~” is the latest work in the “Yo-Kai Watch” series.
It is a story that depicts the activities of the YSP club, such as Jinpei Teraha, who transforms into a youkai HERO and fights against aliens at the super-elite school Y Gakuen.

Last time, Mataro, who finally transformed into a hero, destroyed the device TJG that prevented Jinpei and his friends from transforming. However, the execution of Rand captured in the Republic of Kiraboshi is imminent.
Episode 45 will be broadcast from November 13th. Click here for synopsis & preceding cuts!

As Rand’s execution approaches five hours later, Mataro’s success succeeds in destroying TJG, and Jinpei and other youkai heroes can finally transform.
Based on the sketch of Kiraboshi Castle entrusted to Momo by Kuuka, the student organization plans a strategy to capture the castle to rescue Land under the direction of the walk.
It is to launch a total attack with a YSP capable person or a person who can become a force.
However, it seems that there are about 4000 people in the castle.
Jinpei and others form a platoon and try to invade the castle from everywhere.
Can you safely rescue Rand and prevent execution !?

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