Foreign audience at the Tokyo Olympics Considered by 14-day waiting exemption in principle

Foreign audiences at the Tokyo Olympics Consider exemption from waiting for 14 days November 12 at 2:09 p.m.

A meeting between the government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the organizing committee for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was held, and in principle, the government, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the organizing committee decided to consider specific measures against infection in a way that exempted foreign spectators from waiting for 14 days, and decided by next spring.
The meeting held at the Prime Minister’s Office was attended by Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Mr. Sugita, as well as representatives from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Organizing Committee.

At the meeting, the conference confirmed that, in principle, the government would consider exempting foreign audiences from waiting for 14 days and allowing them to use public transportation.

In order to build the same level of protection measures as the 14-day wait, we decided to consider specific infection countermeasures, such as establishing a mechanism to manage behavior and health so that we can quickly grasp suspected infections, and decide by spring next year.

In addition, the maximum number of spectators to be accommodated will be finalized by the spring of next year, taking into account efforts to verify infection countermeasures, etc., by including spectators who exceed the limit in professional baseball games held at Yokohama Stadium and other stadiums.

In addition, as a countermeasure against infection of host towns involved in exchange projects with countries and regions participating in the Tokyo Games, we decided to ask local governments to create a schedule of routes that state where they will stay and how they will travel, in principle, by chartering the means of transportation and training venues for athletes.