To expand the system for accepting corona patients in Iwate Prefecture, which has the least number of confirmed infections

Iwate Prefecture, which has the least number of confirmed infections To expand the system for accepting coronavirus patients November 12, 20:58 Even in Iwate Prefecture, where the number of confirmed infections with the new coronavirus is the lowest in Japan, eight people were infected on the 11th, the highest number of cases per day. After confirmation, the prefecture decided to expand the system for accepting patients, such as using the accommodation facility as a medical treatment destination. In Iwate Prefecture, it was confirmed on the 11th that eight new people were infected with the new coronavirus, two clusters occurred at the fire department and restaurants in Morioka City, and one person was confirmed to be infected on the 12th. I did.

At the countermeasures meeting held by the prefecture on the 12th, it was reported that currently 15 people are hospitalized at medical institutions in the prefecture, the age group is relatively young, and the beds are not tight at present.

However, as the number of patients may increase at this pace, it may become tight, so we decided to start operating one accommodation facility from this weekend as a medical treatment destination for people with mild or asymptomatic symptoms.

In addition, it has been pointed out that the virus may become more prevalent in winter when the temperature and humidity are low, so we decided to subsidize the cost of installing a humidifier at restaurants. Governor Tasso, who attended the meeting, said, “I would like to thank the patients and their related parties for their compassion and the provision of services that are indispensable to the citizens of the prefecture, such as medical institutions.”

“I’m worried about less tension than in early spring” “Tighten my mind and take measures against infection”

A woman in her twenties in Morioka said, “I was surprised that the cluster happened near me. I am worried because I feel that the tension that I had in early spring has disappeared.”

In addition, a man in his thirties said, “Because I have three children, if I get infected, it will bother my family and the company. I am scared because people are moving actively due to GoTo campaign etc.” I did.

A man in his 50s said, “I was disappointed when I heard that the clerk at the restaurant where the cluster occurred did not wear a mask. I have to take this opportunity to take this opportunity to take thorough measures against infection. I was talking.