Doctors in Sendai “the burden on medical staff is increasing even more” Corona Virus

Doctors in Sendai “The burden on medical staff is increasing even more” Corona Virus November 13 18:35

At Tohoku University Hospital in Sendai City, which mainly accepts severe patients infected with the new coronavirus, a doctor who treats the disease told internetnews.the interviewer, “The number of patients with severe symptoms has increased since around autumn, and the burden on medical staff has increased further.”

Tohoku University Hospital in Sendai City mainly accepts people with severe illnesses and infected persons who are at high risk of becoming severe, such as those with chronic diseases, as designated medical institutions corresponding to the new coronavirus.

Dr. Tetsushi Aoyagi of the Department of Infectious Diseases, who is in charge of the treatment of infected people, responded to the interview on May 13.

According to Dr. Aoyagi, this hospital has been accepting patients with severe symptoms since autumn.

In the hospital’s intensive care room, nurses were treating patients with ventilators for 13 days. The number of beds is currently large enough, but it is said that the fatigue of doctors and nurses is becoming more serious.

Dr. Aoyagi said, “Doctors and nurses are feeling a lot of tension. I wear equipment for protection, check the operation one by one, and take care of it, and spend time with a lot of people. If this situation continues, there will be an even greater burden on the medical field.”

Dr. Aoyagi said, “Corona has no special medicine or vaccine. We think that the only way to do this is for each person to take measures against infection and not to increase the number of patients.”