Hong Kong Revocation of Democratic Legislators Strongly Criticized by Europe and the United States

Hong Kong Democratic Legislators’ Revocation November 13 12:31

The United States, the Eu-European Union and others have come under fire for depriving the Hong Kong people of the rights that would have been promised in a “one country, two systems” over the Hong Kong government’s revocation of the qualifications of four democratic lawmakers.
Hong Kong’s legislature today revoked the eligibility of four Pro-Democracy legislators opposed to the government based on new criteria set by the Hong Kong government on the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress.

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo issued a statement today, strongly condemning “the blatant attitude of the Chinese government to ignore the promise to the international community, which tramples on the legal rights of the Hong Kong people to choose their representatives in elections.”

On top of that, he has shown a willing to take further countermeasures, “to make those involved in Hong Kong’s self-governing and liberal policies take responsibility.”

Mr. Borrell, the EU’s senior representative for foreign affairs, also issued a statement in a statement, harshly criticizing “a significant loss of Hong Kong’s autonomy under ‘one country, two systems’,” and Canada’s Foreign Minister Champagne issued a statement on November 11 that he was “deeply disappointed that China is contrary to its international obligations.”

As for the criticism of Europe and the United States, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “It is China’s inner affairs problem. There is no right for other countries to say or interfere.”

British government expresses concern to Chinese ambassador

The British government today summoned Chinese Ambassador Liu Ming, who is stationed in the UK, to express deep concern.

Foreign Minister Rabb issued a statement, harshly criticizing the violation of the joint statement he confirmed with China at the time of the return of Hong Kong, and calling on China, together with its international partners, to fulfill its obligations.

He also made it clear that the British government was considering sanctions on against against against against stakeholders.

China’s ambassador, Liu, posted on Twitter, countering that “no country has the right to intervene in this issue”, saying that the revocation of the congressman’s qualifications was a matter of China’s affairs.