Hoshino Ume, a hot topic on suspicion of waist fraud, the power of 100cm I cup bust

Gravure idol Hoshino Ume has released the latest image DVD “Hoshino Melon” (on sale 4,180 yen including tax Publisher: Spice Visual). Hoshinoume who is also active as a Hoshinoume cosplayer who released the DVD “Hoshinomelon”. At the age of 26, the bust of the I-cup is attractive in the three sizes of B100, W64, and H104 from the top. Attracted attention. She released a gravure DVD for the first time in 1 year and 5 months since the DVD “Ume Syrup” released in May last year. The dynamite body and I-cup bust, which have been further enhanced, are fully shown. I want each part to be upsized from last year’s three sizes of B98, W63, and H99. A powerful image featuring a bust and hips that are more destructive than last year is projected. Many of the swimsuits worn are radical, such as tube top swimsuits and V-shaped swimsuits. In particular, the scenes of feather bras and nipless seals are one of the highlights. An event commemorating the release of the DVD will be held on November 21st at Sofmap AKIBA 1st store Subcal Mobile Building 6F (12: 00 ~) in Akihabara, Tokyo (may be canceled or postponed).