Mr. Kori Kawai questioned the accused, “It’s an election that’s easy to fight without support.”

Councillor Kawai’s question “It’s an election that’s easy to fight without support” November 13, 12:22 p.m.

The questioning of the accused of the trial of Mr. Kawai, who is accused of violating the Public Offices Election Act, began, and He said of last year’s House of Councillors election, which was a fierce election due to a conservative split, “I thought it would be a limited and easy-to-fight election even if it was not supported by organizations, organizations, and legislators.”

Councillor Kosato Kawai, 47, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of violating the Public Offices Election Act over last year’s Upper House election, along with her husband, former Justice Minister Katsuyuki Katsuyuki, 57.

At the trial of Mr. Ganri, the questioning of the accused began on the 13th, and the lawyer asked about last year’s Upper House election, which was a fierce election for the conservative divide.

“Even if we didn’t get the recommendation of the organization or the organization, we were ruined, so the impact was limited and we didn’t take it very pessimistically,” he said. Regarding the fact that support was not available from the Liberal Democratic Party’s Hiroshima Prefectural Assembly and local legislators, he said, “Even if they supported me, in my experience, what they would do would improve the appearance of the election, such as mobilizing at rallies, but I felt that it would not lead to a vote. We have no choice but to appeal for human nature, and the election is, in short, up to the candidate.”

On top of that, he said, “I thought last year’s Upper House election was much easier to fight than the Hiroshima prefectural governor’s election, which I won 11 years ago.”

He admits that he gave cash to local lawmakers at the trial, but insists that there was no purpose to buy it, and the 13th exchange is seen as an aim to emphasize that there was no point in the acquisition because of the circumstances of the election campaign.