Sadako-sama’s feelings about marriage are expressed in the document.

Ms. Sadako’s feelings about marriage November 13, 16:47

Mr. and Mrs. Akishino’s eldest daughter, Sadako, expressed her feelings about her marriage to her college classmate, Kaoru Komuro, who is engaged.

In this statement, Sadako said, “For us, we are irreplaceable beings who can be close to each other, both when we are happy and unhappy, and marriage is a necessary choice for us to live with care for our hearts.”

As for future plans for marriage, it is said that it is “difficult to inform specifics” and that “we would like to proceed in consultation with our families.”

The engagement between Sadako and Komuro was announced in September 2017, but the Imperial Household Agency announced the postponement of the event for marriage the following year, explaining that the marriage is expected to be in 2020 after the important ceremonies associated with the succession to the throne.

Sadako-san, how did you get married to Komuro-san?

The engagement between Sadako and Kaoru Komuro was announced three years ago in September 2017.

At the press conference with the two of you, Sadako said, “I would be happy if we could create a home that is comfortable and full of smiles.”

Preparations for marriage were underway, and the Imperial Household Agency announced the date of the wedding ceremony and the wedding ceremony, which is a public wedding ceremony.

However, since the end of the year, weekly magazines have reported one after another that Komuro’s mother is in financial trouble with her ex-fiancee’s man.

Against this end, in February, the Imperial Household Agency announced the postponement of events for marriage.

At this time, Sadako stated in a document that she did not have enough time to prepare for various events to be held before marriage and life after marriage, and the Imperial Household Agency explained that the marriage was expected to end the important rituals associated with the succession to the throne.

In this circumstances, Mr. Komuro went to the United States and started going to law school in New York in August with the aim of obtaining a lawyer qualification.

On the other hand, in addition to attending various ceremonies associated with the abdication of the Emperor and the throne of the Emperor, Ms. Sadako has been actively on public duties, such as making an official visit to a foreign country to strive for international goodwill, and receiving explanations online from experts in various fields since spring due to the spread of the infection of the new coronavirus.

On the 8th of this month, he was also attending the ceremony of the “Rei of the Empress”, which widely conveys to the inside and outside that Prince Akishino was ranked first in the throne.