Trauden Naomi, attention-grabbing commentary Awareness of life-size “Be honest with what you feel”

Trauden Naomi, the youngest in history, became an exclusive model for the women’s magazine “CanCam” at the age of 13, and is currently active as a talented Keio University student talent. The NHK general “Celebration Goryokugi” was highly evaluated for its commenting power, and currently, in addition to the regular programs BS Tv Tokyo “Nikkei Plus 10” and BS-TBS “Suimoku Channel”, Nippon Television “Refreshing” and ” He is active as a commentator on “Joho Live Miyaneya”, Fuji TV “Wide na Show”, “Tokudane!”, “Mr. Sunday”, etc. Naomi Trauden At the “31st Mynavi Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 AUTUMN / WINTER ONLINE” held online in September, she stood on the stage with her aura fully open. I hit Trauden directly and talked about his work on TV and his future vision. Trauden, who moved to Tokyo when he entered university and started his entertainment activities in earnest, said, “The environment has changed drastically, and I have met many new people both at university and at work. With the addition of values, I think it’s time to put them into practice, “he says. The number of appearances on TV programs has increased, but “In the beginning, I was nervous, and sometimes I talked about things I didn’t understand, but now I don’t understand what I don’t understand. I’ll tell you. ” “In the video, the words you speak are transmitted directly, so recently I try to speak honestly as much as I can. Sometimes the points may shift, but there, I can study what I didn’t know. In a sense, I feel like I’m doing it while learning with the viewers. ” At “Wide na Show”, Hitoshi Matsumoto can put in exquisite tsukkomi. “Mr. Matsumoto is really happy to hear that even if I meet him on other programs, he said,’I’ve met you again. You’ve been out a lot lately.’ I think that he is a person who looks at people properly and cherishes each interaction, but I respect him from the bottom of my heart. ”As a weather caster. “Going! Regarding “Sports & News” Cream Stew Shinya Ueda, “I was the first to appear on TV for” Going! Sports & News “, so Mr. Ueda seems to be the first teacher, an unforgettable teacher. It is an existence. ” “I’m still working with you on programs such as” Cream Quiz Miracle 9 “, but I’m always worried about” How about college? “And always get kind words,” he said. Be aware of your role in TV programs. “I am also in the fashion industry, and I am a generation living in the future, so I want to be able to communicate what kind of life I want to live and what humanity should be. Recently, I’ve had a lot more opportunities to go to interviews, so I want to be able to see and learn with my own eyes and be able to express what I feel. ”