What is the point of infection control in the winter of the Corona Virus?

Corona Virus Winter Infection Control Points November 13, 8:20 p.m.

In cold winters, it is a concern that it will be difficult to thoroughly prevent new coronaviruses such as ventilation and hand washing. Experts are calling for measures to be taken while devising measures.

If the temperature rises in winter, it may be difficult to open the window for ventilation, or the water may become cold and thorough hand washing may become difficult.
For this reason, the government’s new Colona Antivirus subcommittee shows the key points of infection prevention measures in cold weather.
First of all, even in winter, basic measures such as wearing masks and avoiding so-called “three-dense” do not change.

On top of that, how to ventilate in cold places
Always ventilate using a ventilation fan, etc.
Always keep the window slightly open to the extent that the room temperature does not go down.
It shows the ventilation of two stages by opening the window of the room which is not used greatly.

The temperature of the room is about 18 degrees or more.

In addition, it is recommended that the humidity of 40% or more be used as a guide at the same time as ventilation, and there is a method of using a humidifier, drying laundry in the room, and cleaning frequently.

Expert :Reduced risk even in air circulation with a fan”

Professor Mitsuo Kade of Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University, who is well-informed about infectious disease control, wants people to pay particular care to ventilation because it tends to be a sealed, close, and dense “three-dense” environment in the cold winter.

Normal ventilation to open the window is desirable, but if the window can not be opened due to the cold, it is possible to reduce the risk of infection to some extent by not circulating the air in the house with a fan.

On the other hand, if you live alone and no one visits, you do not need to ventilate frequently, keep the distance between people so that you do not get infected when you go out, and be careful about wearing masks and washing your hands thoroughly.

The measures at the dinner are…

In addition, it is the time when the dinner increases, such as the year-end party and the New Year’s party at the year-end and New Year holidays, but I want you to refrain as much as possible, and if you want to have a dinner by all means
Choose a well-ventilated place
Avoid more than five people.
It is important to take measures such as wearing a mask except when eating or drinking.

One thing to keep in mind is…

It is a small number of people, and it is a person who is usually together as much as possible.
It becomes loud in the eating and drinking of five or more people, and it is easy to fly.
Refrain from deep sake and ladder sake, in a short time, with a moderate amount of sake.
Avoid sharing drinks and chopsticks.
Avoid other people’s fronts and right next to each other as much as possible and face diagonally.
Wear a mask as much as possible, except when eating or drinking.

Prof. Kade said, “The increase in the number of infected people while there are many people who are usually thorough in measures is considered to be the season when the infection is easy to spread in winter. Even in the cold, when the infection spreads further and does not cause the collapse of medical care, I want you to take measures again.”