Boarding by Soichi Noguchi and others Postponed to 16th after launch of a privately-developed spacecraft

Boarding of Soichi Noguchi and others Privately-developed spacecraft Postponed to 16th November 14th 9:27 The first US civilian spacecraft with four astronauts, including Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi, boarding Regarding the launch, NASA = US Aeronautics and Space Administration announced that the launch will be postponed to 16th Japan time due to the influence of the weather. The launch was postponed for the first US civilian spacecraft “Crew Dragon”, which has a total of four people, including Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi and three American astronauts.

NASA and others were scheduled to launch before 10 am on the 15th of Japan time, but it was postponed for one day because the coastal wind was strong and it was difficult to recover the first stage of the rocket, and on the 16th of Japan time, the morning Announced that it will launch at 9:27.

The rocket equipped with “Crew Dragon” is installed on the launch pad and is inspected and rehearsed, but NASA says that there is no problem other than the weather.

“Crew Dragon” is the first private spacecraft that was developed by the American private company “SpaceX” to make a round trip between the ground and the International Space Station with the support of NASA, and has entered the operational stage. This launch is attracting attention as the beginning of an era in which commercial use of space is in full swing.