Hong Kong Democratic legislators ‘not respecting The Chinese government’s Hong Kong system’

Hong Kong Democratic Legislators Revoked “The Chinese Government Does Not Respect Hong Kong’s System” November 14 at 7:07 AM

At a legislative session of Hong Kong’s parliament, a pro-democracy lawmaker who had been revoked from his parliamentary qualifications based on new criteria determined by China strongly criticized the measure, describing it as “a show that the Chinese government does not respect Hong Kong’s system.”

Hong Kong’s legislative assembly revoked the eligibility of four Pro-Democracy legislators opposed to the government on November 11, based on a new standard set by the Hong Kong government’s Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress.

One of them, Guo Ie-hye, told NHK today about the measure, “All the lawmakers who lost their jobs entered parliament with the support of voters, but eliminating them represents that the Chinese government does not respect Hong Kong’s system. Everything will be decided in Beijing from now on.”

On the other hand, Guo made clear his view of future activities to step down from protests and politics, saying that the Hong Kong National Security Maintenance Act, which came into force at the end of June, made it difficult to express opposition to the government.

On that basis, Mr. Guo said, “The feeling of fighting will not be taken away in the future. I don’t know how the world will change, so I have no other way but to wait with hope.”

China has been strongly opposed to China’s decision, saying it would deprive the Hong Kong people of the rights that would have been promised in a “one country, two systems” by the United States and the EU-European Union.