Italian five-year-old letters to prime minister asking for permission to move to Santa

Italian five-year-old asks prime minister for permission to move to Santa On November 14 at 4:46 p.m.

In Italy, where the spread of the new coronavirus is spreading again and outings are severely restricted, a five-year-old boy wrote a letter to Prime Minister Conte asking Santa Claus to issue a special travel permit for Christmas, and it has become a hot topic on the Internet as the infection deepens.
Italian Prime Minister Conte wrote a letter to a five-year-old boy, Tommaso, who lives in Lombardy, northern Italy, and said, “Can you make a special permit for Santa to deliver gifts to children all over the world?” It’s dangerous for Santa to enter the house when he’s old, but he should wear a mask to protect himself.”

To this, Prime Minister Conte said on his Facebook page, “Santa already has an international travel permit. You can fly anywhere and give presents to children all over the world. He said he would wear a mask and keep a good distance from the people he met in order to protect himself.”

In Italy, the new coronavirus infection has become so severe that from early this month, nighttime outings have been restricted throughout the country, and in seven areas, including The State where Tommaso lives, daytime outings are severely restricted.

Under these circumstances, Prime Minister Conte’s humorous response to children’s requests has received many comments such as “Thank you for your kindness” on the Internet, and it has become a hot topic as a heartwarming episode.