President Trump’s press conference “reveals which administration will be the time”

President Trump’s interview “reveals which administration will be” November 14 at 9:08 a.m.

U.S. President Trump met only after former Democratic Vice President Biden declared victory in the presidential election, and did not say whether he would continue his court battle, noting that “the time will be for which administration it will be.” However, there has been a series of withdrawals of lawyers in charge of the camp’s trials, and there is a growing view that the battle in court is tough.
As for the U.S. presidential election, ABC TV reported today that President Trump in southern North Carolina and former Vice President Biden in Georgia each ensured victory.

This ensured victory in all 50 states and washington, the capital, with 306 electors finally winning, well above the 270 people Mr Biden needed to win, and 232 for President Trump.

President Trump met on the Corona Virus antivirus from around 6:30 a.m. Japan time for the first time since former Democratic Vice President Biden declared victory.

In this statement, President Trump said, “I think the time will reveal what will happen in the future and which administration will be in power, but this administration will not lock it down,” and did not say whether he would continue the court battle or accept defeat.

However, over the court battle, the lawyers of the camp in charge of the trial in eastern Pennsylvania have made it clear that they will stop being involved in the trial.

In a document filed with the court at midnight on the 12th, the lawyers said, “Both sides agreed that it would be good for the plaintiffs for us to pull ourses in.”

As for the court battle, in western Arizona last week, the camp’s lawyers announced that they would stop defending it, and there is a growing view that the prospects for a trial will be tough as the lawyers withdraw one after another.