Speed Skating Domestic Tournament Women’s 1000m Kodaira Shows Her Ability to Win

Speed Skating Domestic Tournament Women’s 1000m Kodaira shows her ability and wins November 14 16:22

Nao Kodaira won the women’s 1000 meters of the women’s speed skating tournament held in Obihiro, Hokkaido, showing her ability on the Pyeongchang Olympic silver medal list.
The All Japan Selection Competition Obihiro Tournament for Speed Skating, which has been held since the 13th, has been cancelled due to the new Coronavirus, and the World Cup scheduled for the same period has been canceled, so top players from Japan are participating.

Pyeongchang Olympic silver medalist Kodaira, who participated in the women’s 1000 meters, passed the first 200 meters at the top of the overall time and won the championship in a time of 1 minute 16 seconds 00, al though the midfield was not able to ride the speed well.

Kodaira lost his balance in the 500 meters on the 13th and finished second, missing out on the championship for the first time in five seasons in this event’s domestic tournament, but he showed his strength as a strong player in the race on the 14th.

Kodaira said, “Because of yesterday, I couldn’t attack a little bit, but I was able to correct it little by little, and it took shape for the time being. We did our best in this situation, so I think we can move on.”

On the other hand, when the International Skating Federation announced that it would abandon the world championships in Beijing next February, which will be a test event for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, due to the influence of the new Coronavirus, he said calmly, “I will do my best to make the Olympics held at any time in my time.