Tomomi Morisaki, the queen of Instagram in the gravure world, “What I am conscious of when shooting is to run into eroticism anyway”

Tomomi Morisaki is active in the catch phrase of “Japan’s most erotic gravure idol”. Post a neat and sexy undressing photo on SNS “# This is this” The gravure ignited Instagram, and the number of followers is amazing 3.24 million. It is one of the most popular entertainers in the ranking, ranking 19th.

[Photo]You can see the goodness of the style, and Tomomi Morisaki’s plain clothes are taken down.

Since the beginning of this year, he has been active in variety shows such as “Matsuko Conference” (NTV) and “Godtan” (TV Tokyo), and the 3rd photo book “Utopia” (Wanibooks) released on the 27th of last month will be released earlier this year. Is also a hot topic such as the decision to reprint. We asked Morisaki how he got into the entertainment world, SNS, and gravure strategy. (2nd in 3 serials)

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――Since 2017, you have released image DVDs at a pace of three times a year. What are you conscious of when shooting?

Morisaki Anyway, it’s about running erotic!

――Do you have any opinions about costumes and contents before shooting?

Morisaki It’s up to the professionals, and we just do our best to respond to it.

–Did you have any costumes in the past that hesitated to say, “This is a little …”?

Morisaki It’s not inside me. Morisaki: Sometimes I have you handcraft it according to the size, and since I had you prepare it, I felt like “I’m wearing it!” (Laughs). The rest is left to the manager. The feeling around that is paralyzed, so I don’t understand it myself.

――Are there any references for shooting image DVDs?

It is a work of Morisaki AV actress. I study how to show facial expressions and touches, and try to get them closer to eroticism. Gravure’s work is cute, but it wins.

――When did you start to refer to it?

Morisaki When I noticed, that was the case (laughs). The character “too erotic gravure idol” began to permeate, and I started to wonder what erotic was. I am trying to be bright erotic, not just vulgar erotic.

――Are there any actresses who have learned in particular?

Yua Mikami and Kirara Asuka are very popular among women, and they are beautiful, cute, and have an outstanding style, which is very helpful.

――In addition to “too erotic gravure idol”, there is also a catchphrase such as “the gravure No. 1 you want to be a mistress”. What do you think about it?

Morisaki I’m grateful that it’s hard to remember without a character. I feel that “erotic” is not a minus in the world these days, and the general public feels free to use the word “erotic”, and I want to make “erotic” more pop.

――The YouTube channel that opened in February this year has steadily increased the number of subscribers to 240,000 on November 2, 2020. How did you get started?

I had told the Morisaki office that I wanted to do it for about a year, but since my usual activities are mainly gravure and I don’t have a chance to talk, I decided to start studying to talk as well. I’m not good at talking, and I want to overcome it. I can also do whatever I want, so I wanted to try various things.

――Survival videos that challenge the outdoors with your body are popular, but how do you think about planning?

Morisaki When I’m having a meeting with the creator, I often inflate what I said casually. I don’t have many jobs to shoot on location, so I would like to go out and get involved with various people, such as interviewing shops and experiencing farming. It would be best if you could call me on TV as a result (laughs). Now I am working hard to become the top YouTuber in the gravure world.

――The 3rd photo book “Utopia” was released on October 27th. What is the content?

Morisaki’s 1st photobook “T & M” was so popular that it was reprinted, so we decided to continue with the 3rd photobook, so the photographer asked Seiji Yasai. “T & M” had many photos that were conscious of Instagram, but “Utopia” is emo-conscious, as if you were traveling with your fans. I took it off with all my strength, but it is finished in a beautiful and fashionable erotic.

-The limited edition comes with underwear designed by Morisaki.

Morisaki T-back, but I was conscious of the design that looks neat and beautiful. I have a desire to produce underwear that can help girls’ cuteness and eroticism in the future, and this is the first step.

▽ Tomomi Morisaki
Morisaki and Tomomi. Born August 12, 1992, from Aichi prefecture. When I was in the second year of high school, I applied for an extra in a drama to work part-time. The company introduced me to the work of a race queen and became a race queen. In August 2010, he joined OS ☆ U as a first-year student. Based in Osu, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, until graduation in March 2016. After graduating, he moved his base to Tokyo and started full-scale gravure activities. The gravure photo posted with the hashtag “# This is this” that he devised has become popular and boasts over 3 million followers. The “Gravure of the Year” sent to the gravure idols who contributed most to the shop won the Grand Prix in 2018 and 2019 for the second consecutive year. The 3rd photo book “Utopia” (Wanibooks) released on October 27th has already been reprinted on November 2nd, and has become a hot topic.