ASEAN Summit Closes to SubstantialLy Over-The-U.S. Conflict Mitigation

ASEAN Summit Closes to Substantial Talk to Alleviate U.S.-China Conflict November 15 at 11:04 PM

The ASEAN-Association of Southeast Asian Nations and a series of summit meetings attended by Japan, the United States, China and others closed on the 15th after a four-day schedule. As the U.S.-China conflict deepens over issues such as the South China Sea, there has been no attendance at the summit level from the United States, and there seems to have been no in-depth exchange between the two countries.
The meeting, which became an online format due to the spread of the new coronavirus, closed on The 15th after a series of events, including a summit of 10 ASEAN countries and an East Asian summit attended by 18 countries including Japan, the United States and China.

At a press conference after the closing ceremony, Prime Minister Hook of Vietnam, the country’s chairman, said, “Competition among major powers has become a major issue for ASEAN, and it is affecting unity. Major powers play an important role in maintaining stability and prosperity throughout the world, including Southeast Asia. I hope that the great powers will maintain good relations and respect ASEAN’s position.”

In this meeting, Premier Li Keqiang was present from China as usual, while the United States continued to be attended by a presidential aide last year.

According to diplomatic sources, it is thought that there was no in-house exchange between the U.S. and China, which has been the usual exchange recently, and the substanteal dialogue that ASEAN wants to alleviate the conflict will be carried over to the meeting next year and beyond.

The chairman, Vietnam, continues to compile the Chairman’s Statement.