Challenge the radical scene away from newcomers with the popular layer deer, gravure debut work

The deer of the gravure idol is the latest image DVD “Debut! (On sale 4,400 yen including tax Publisher: Takeshobo) has been released. DVD “Debut! Deer, whose gravure debut is the deer DVD that released the movie, has been active as a cosplayer. At the age of 24, who is 173 cm tall and has slender bodies such as B84, W62, and H92 from the top, he is a talented person who is expected to play an active role in the future. The DVD, which will be the debut work of gravure, is an on-parade of radical scenes far from the freshness of new gravure. It is a sexy full-blown content from the 1st DVD. The deer has an impressive neat appearance, but what it is doing is surprisingly erotic. Starting with the balance ball scene that appeared in the first half, the scene that unfolds from the coat to the V-shaped swimsuit outdoors shown through the smartphone, the scene of the bathroom covered with body soap, etc. .. Especially radical are the scenes that are blamed with a racket and the scenes that are mischievous with feathers in a blindfolded state, both of which effectively use ice cream, and the sexyness stands out from the 1st DVD. An event commemorating the release of the DVD will be held on November 22nd at Sofmap AKIBA 1st store Subcal Mobile Building 6F (16: 00 ~) in Akihabara, Tokyo (may be canceled or postponed).