Charity concert to support Brazilian enka singers who are suffering from a fight

Supporting Brazilian Enka Singers Fighting Disease Charity Concert November 15 14:20

A charity concert by Japanese Brazilians was held in Sao Paulo, where I was born in Sao Paulo, to support enka singers from Brazil who are suffering from serious illnesses and fighting diseases while working in Japan.
Born in Sao Paulo, Eduardo was adopted by a Japanese-American family before going to Japan and has been active as an enka singer since 2015.

However, he was found to have had acute myelitis in September, and after treatment at the hospital, he is now recuperating at home.

The charity concert was held on the Internet by a group of Japanese Americans in Sao Paulo to support Eduardo’s treatment costs, and 34 singers gave their proud voices and called for donations.

It is said that some 2 million Japanese Brazilians enjoy japanese songs in karaoke while learning Japanese, and the singers who participated in the concert were Eduardo and his karaoke friends from the Sao Paulo era.

At the end of the concert, Eduardo appeared and said, “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people who held the concert. I want to recover as soon as possible and be able to sing in front of everyone.”