Mask and anti-flying sheet “high-range audio” insudible

Masks and anti-flying sheets “High-range audio” insudible november 15 at 5:09 a.m.

“Do you want a plastic bag?” Have you ever felt that it is difficult to hear these questions at store cash registers? In the experiment of the hearing aid manufacturer, it was found that the mask which settled in our life by the Corona Virus antivirus and the sheet of the fly prevention blocked the voice of the high range, and led to the inability to hear.

GN Hearing Japan, a hearing aid manufacturer headquartered in Yokohama City, analyzed in July based on a frequency graph on how the sound of people at a distance of one meter would change with the wearing of masks and the installation of anti-flying sheets.

When I was asked to say “Accounting will be 2342 yen” without a mask and sheet, and when I examined how to hear the voice, I found that there was less audio information in a high range with a frequency of 2000 hertz or more, such as “case” of accounting when there was a mask, “se” of 2000, and “to” of “2 yen”.

It is thought that the sound of the high range was blocked, which led to the difficulty of hearing such as “words can be heard in a meddle” or “it is hard to hear clearly”.

Hitoshi Fujigaki, a hearing aid manufacturer, said, “It is speculated that people with hearing loss, especially those with hearing loss, are in a difficult situation due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and it is important to speak with gestures while slowly and clearly separate words. Also, if you are already using a hearing aid and feel it is hard to hear with a mask or sheet, you can re-adjust the hearing aid at a dealer, etc., so please consult with us.”