Myanmar’s general election results: Ruling party led by Suu Kyi wins overwhelming victory

Myanmar’s general election results: Suu Kyi’s ruling party wins overwhelmingly on November 15 at 10:49 a.m.

The final vote of the general election held in Myanmar on the 8th of this month was announced, and the ruling NLD-National League for Democracy, led by National Advisor Aung San Suu Kyi, won a victory over the previous five-year-old election, which saw a change of government.
According to the results of the vote announced by Myanmar’s Electoral Commission on the evening of the 14th, out of a total of 476 seats in the upper and lower houses of the elected parliament, the NLD won 396 seats, the largest opposition party in the flow of the former military government, the USDP-Federal Solidarity and Development Party, which has 33 seats, and a total of 47 seats for various minority parties.

The NLD accounted for 83% of the total, ending more than half a century of military-led politics and further winning the election five years ago when the historic change of government was achieved, building a solid political base.

Suu Kyi has sent a message thanking her supporters, but so far she has not declared a clear victory.

On the other hand, the NLD has issued a statement calling on various minority parties to cooperate, and has begun to establish a foothold for its second term in power.

Myanmar’s new government is expected to be inaugurated in March next year.