Switch to a non-contact store to prevent corona infection spread by major banks

Switch to a non-contact store Corona infection measures spread by major banks November 15 10:32

As part of measures to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, major banks are increasingly switching to “non-contact” stores where customers can receive services without having to interact with staff at the counter.

Among them, the new store, which Mizuho Bank opened near Musashi-Kosugi Station in Kawasaki City, is characterized by the in the low-end counter.

Instead, there are 14 tablet devices that can be used to open bank accounts, deposits and withdrawals that exceed the ATM limit, and to pay taxes.

With plans to introduce terminals to all stores nationwide by the end of this year, Shiro Shiraishi, General Manager of The Sumitomo Financial Group, said, “We believe that we will be able to provide services quickly because we do not need a form or seal. We want to turn it into a store that meets the times.”

Among major banks, there is a wider movement among major banks to switch their stores to a “non-contact type” as a countermeasure against infection of the new Coronavirus, such as increasing the number of stores where Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation does not pass cash at the counter, and the Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ to accept reservations for store visits at all stores starting in December.