Singer announced to participate in the Kohaku Uta Gassen JUJU’s Mr. Yusaku’s GReeeeN, etc.

Kohaku Uta Gassen Singer Announced JUJU’s Mr. Tosa-san GreeeeN’s First Appearance November 16 15:49

On the 16th, the singers who participated in the Annual Kohaku Uta Gassen were announced, and 42 groups were decided to participate. This year’s first appearance is a total of 10 groups.

On the 16th, a press conference was held at NHK Broadcasting Center in Shibuya, Tokyo, attended by a first-time singer, and the participating singers were announced.

The first appearance of the Red Team is six groups.

Tsujizaka 46 of the idol group that changed the name from Kashiwazaka 46

Juju, who acts as a singer and serves as MC for NHK’s “The World Is Full of Things You Want”

A five-person band that has resumed its activities, The Tokyo Times

NiziU, a group of nine women selected for the Japan-Korea Joint Project

BABYMETAL is a pair of two women who are highly popular overseas by integrating idols and heavy metal.

Singer-songwriter milet’s, who released his first full album,

It is a total of six pairs.

The first appearance of the white group is three pairs.

The debut song “Perfume” is a big hit.

SixTONES and Snow Man, the male idol group that made their CD debuts, have been selected.

GreeeeN’s first appearance in the “Special Project”

In addition, GreeeN, who was in charge of the theme song of the tv series “Ale” currently on the air, will participate for the first time as a “special project” and will perform a special performance of the theme song of the drama.

The following people have decided to participate. The title is omitted, and the number of appearances is expressed in parentheses.


Sayuri Ishikawa(43)
Fuyumi Sakamoto (32)
Kashiwazaka 46 (First)
JUJU (First)
Yoshimi Tendo(25)
Tokyo Change (First)
NiziU (First)
Nogizaka 46(6)
Seiko Matsuda (24)
Mori Mizumori(18)
milet (first time)
Little Glee Monster(4)


Storm (12)
Hiroshi Itsuki(50)
Yin (First)
Official Man Dism(2)
Kanjani ∞ (9)
King & Prince (2)
Hiromi Go(33)
Junryo (3)
Masayuki Suzuki(3)
SixTONES (First)
Snow Man (First)
Kiyoshi Hikawa(21)
Masaharu Fukuyama(13)
Hey, hey! Say! JUMP(4)
The notation of “a” in “Say” is the shape of the circle of “a”.
Gen Hoshino (6)
Hiroshi Miyayama (6)
Yusuke Yamauchi (6)
Yuzu (11)


GreeeeN (First)

Among this year’s participating singers, the highest number of appearances is 50 times by Hiroshi Itsuki of the white group, and 43 times by Sayuri Ishikawa who has played the most times in the Red Team.

The 71st NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen will be held with no audience for the first time under the theme of “Let’s sing now Everyone Ale” and will be broadcast on general television, BS4K, BS8K, and Radio No. 1 from 7:30 p.m. on New Year’s Day.