Biden to invest large-scale in new industry to create 3 million jobs

Mr. Biden “Create 3 Million Jobs” To Invest large-scale in a new industry November 17 at 6:50 a.m.

Former Vice President Biden of the Democratic Party, who declared victory in the U.S. presidential election, announced the immediate economic measures and announced a policy of making large-scale investments in new industries and technologies and hiring 3 million people to restore an economy affected by the spread of the new coronavirus.
Mr. Biden, who met in eastern Delaware today, revealed that he had held telephone talks with executives such as GM General Motors and Microsoft, and “all agreed with the call to do what is needed quickly to save the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and wages. The sooner the transition, the smoother the transition will be.”

In order to recover the economy, the government will promote the purchase of automobiles and other products produced in Japan, invest 300 billion U.S. dollars in new industries and technologies such as new energy, 30 trillion yen in Japanese yen, create 3 million new jobs, and raise the minimum wage to improve the treatment of workers.

However, there was no specific mention of the scale of fiscal spending.

As President Trump has not acknowledged defeat over the presidential election, concerns have been raised that the transition will not proceed smoothly and will have a negative impact on the economy, but Mr Biden has indicated that he is making full-scale preparations for the inauguration of the administration.