Dai-ichi Life 89-year-old former female employee formed a defense team for 1.9 billion fraud from customers

Dai-ichi Life 89-year-old former female employee formed a defense team to defraud customers of 1.9 billion November 17 at 6:24 p.m.

An 89-year-old former female employee of life insurance giant Dai-ichi Life has allegedly defrauded customers of more than 1.9 billion yen.

The 89-year-old former female employee, who was based in Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, of Dai-ichi Life, is believed to have defrauded customers of fictitious transactions, at least 24 customers who were victims, and the total amount of damage amounted to 1,951 million yen.

In this case, a defense team was formed to support the victims, and at a press conference held in Tokyo, a woman in her 40s who is going to court for the return of 50 million yen deposited with a former employee was also present.

The woman said, “The former employee emphasized that he had a special title in top sales, and I thought he could be trusted because he was the kind of person who would give a title to a large company like Dai-ichi Life. I want them to reveal the truth about why they committed such a crime, their motives and how they used their funds.”

Hiro Yamaguchi, a lawyer for the defense, said, “Even though it was pointed out three years ago that there was a suspicious point, we did not take any measures,” and he made it clear that he would ask Dai-ichi Life to reimburse the victims in full.

The lawyers set up telephone and e-mail contacts to receive consultations from victims.

The telephone number of the dedicated consultation desk is 03-3359-0613.

For inquiries to lawyers in Yamaguchi Prefecture, please contact 080-2798-1684.

The e-mail address daiichiseimei@higaibengodan.com “1000”.

Dai-ichi Life “Considering Responses to Victims”

Dai-ichi Life commented, “In order to continue to clarify the whole picture, we would like to consider how to deal with the victims while cooperating with the police investigation.”