Engineer in Higashihiroshima with Micron

Job number 243642

Job Description

The F15 ATE DIFFUSION Engineer is responsible for successful transfer achievement of new technode transfer from TD, Yield improvement / CT reduction / tool expansion toward TTMCY with great collaboration with TD / F15 all related Dept / DRAM network / MCT. Safety, Technology transfer to sister site & further new tech node transfer readiness are also our responsibility.

As one of our team members, you should understand site, department, area goals and set its individual goals to achieve them by communicating with your SV.

You are also highly appreciated to work positively and show your ownership of all the tasks you are assigned. You are required to take a responsibility for process & workstation as owner and do all tasks assigned timely and accurately.

Skills required

  • Permanent assignment is preferred
  • Have good problem solving skills with full utilization of all applications and others.
  • Have ability to give new idea for process improvement.
  • Build a strong relationship with all area members to maximize area performance.
  • Update progress of each task timely and accurately
  • Show good momentum to work on your responsible tasks.
  • Work with good collaboration with your team members / all related members / F4 & F15 TD / Network Business Partners
  • Have good communication and presentation skill.
  • Have good enough English verbal & writing skills.
  • Have good enough Japanese verbal & writing skills, or have high motivation to learn and improve Japanese language skills.
  • Understand quality control about SPC / R2R and Establish a proactive quality control.
  • Have good understanding of competency / Micron behaviors & Core value to enable you to have good teamwork and to meet our goal.
  • Understand “Nothing is more important than safety” and work as expected.


Successful candidate for this position will have

  • Understand and can use Micron Engineer application (GeRM, MESSWR, SPC, FDC)
  • The ability to work through complexity
  • Have good enough English communication skills.
  • Any DIFFUSION process experience is plus, but not limited

GJS: Above E2

Recruitment area: Fab15 ADTJ-ATE Diffusion / Impla

Recruitment personnel: 1 person

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