Google Launches Unique Predictive Data on Corona Virus Infections

Google Launches Unique Forecast Data, including the Number of Corona Virus Infections November 17, 8:31 p.m.

Google, a major U.S. IT company, began releasing forecast data, including the number of infected and death tolls of Japan’s new coronavirus, for about a month from now, as predicted using AI-artificial intelligence.

Google, in collaboration with Harvard University, has developed a technology that uses AI to predict the number of people infected with the new coronavirus, and in the United States, the forecast information has been published on its website since August.

Using this technology, Google began publishing data on its website on July 17 that predicted the number of new test positives, deaths, and hospitalizations in Japan over the next four weeks.

As of March 17, the total number of people who test positive in the four weeks from the 15th of this month to the 12th of next month was 53,321 nationwide, with 16,877 people in Hokkaido, followed by Tokyo with 11,644 and Osaka with 7756.

According to Google, the prediction uses numerical values such as the number of infected people published by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and data on the movement of people collected independently by Google, and the prediction accuracy was confirmed using actual data from the past.

About the release of the forecast data for Japan, Google is trying to get public institutions such as medical institutions and local governments to quickly notice the signs of the spread of the infection and use it in conjunction with other information as one of the information to prepare.