Japan-China poll “Japan-China relations are important” Japan 64.2% China 74.7%

Japan-China Poll “Japan-China Relations Are Important” Japan 64.2% China 74.7%November 17 20:39

The results of a joint poll conducted in Japan and China showed that the number of people who considered Japan-China relations to be “important” is decreasing in Japan, while the number in China is decreasing, and the gap between the public sentiment between the two countries can be seen.
The poll was conducted jointly by the Japanese private organization Speech NPO and China’s China International Publishing Group, and a total of 2571 people responded in both Japan and China from September to last month.

As a result, the percentage of people who answered “bad” or “if anything bad” about the current Japan-China relations
Japan: 54.1%
In China, it was 22.6%.

This is a 9.3-point increase in Japan compared to last year, and a 13-point decrease in China.

In addition, when asked what kind of impression they have in the other country, those who answered “not good” or “if anything is not good”
In Japan, the number increased by 5 points from last year to 89.7%.
China was almost flat at 52.9% compared to last year.

The main reasons are as follows:

In addition, when asked about the importance of Japan-China relations, people who answered “important” or “more important”
In Japan, sales decreased 8.5 points from last year to 64.2%, down from 70% for the first time since the survey be below 70% in 2005.

In China, on the contrary, it increased by 7.7 points from last year to 74.7%, which shows a gap in public sentiment between the two countries.

The investigation also asked which one do you think is the cause of the conflict between the United States and China.
In Japan, 54.8% said they were both U.S. and China.
In China, 86.2% said “America.”

Is China re-aware of the importance of Japan-China relations in conflict with the U.S.?

The Speech NPO, which conducted the survey on the gap in awareness of Japan-China relations between the two countries, said, “While concerns have been raised among Japanese people about China’s hard-line actions in the East and South China Seas, the importance of relations with Japan has been re-recognized in China due to the impact of confrontation with the United States.”