Major life insurance survey in Corona where marital relations and improvements greatly outstr than worsening

The major life insurance survey November 17 at 7:08 a.m.

A major life insurance company has compiled a survey that shows that the number of people who say their relationship has improved due to the effects of the new coronavirus has greatly exceeded 1 who said that their relationship has become worse.
This survey was conducted by Meiji Yasuda Life through the Internet last month for married men and women nationwide, and a total of 1,080 people in their 20s and 50s responded to the survey.

When I asked if there was a change in the relationship between husband and wife due to the effects of the new coronavirus,
“I’m better” is 19%
6% of “worse” was significantly higher.
“Unchanged” was 74%.

The reason why we got along well is because of multiple answers.
62% because of increased opportunities for communication
37% “because we eat together more often”
“Because I felt that it was encouraging to have a supporting person near me” was 21%, etc.

Takahiro Yano of Meiji Yasuda Life, who was in charge of the survey, said, “The word ‘corona divorce’ has become a hot topic, but the increase in home time through telework and other factors may have had a good impact on the relationship between husband and wife by spending more time with their families.”