Supercon “Tomitake” ranked No. 1 again in 4 world rankings

Supercomputer “Tomitake” again ranked first in the world rankings 4 November 17 15:48

Tomitake, a supercomputer located at RIKEN in Kobe City, has once again become the world’s no.1 in four of the latest world rankings presented by the International Conference.
The world ranking of supercomputers is presented every six months by an international conference by experts.

In the ranking released on June 17, Tomitake, located in RIKEN, ranked first in four divisions, following the previous one in June.

Among them, the division that competes for computational speed can calculate more than 440,000 times one trillion times per second, which is about three times that of the second-placed American supercomputer.

In addition, it again ranked first in the calculation methods such as simulation, the learning performance of artificial intelligence, and the processing performance of big data.

Both scores exceeded the previous one and placed second or less by a big difference.

RIKEN said, “Since the last ranking announcement, we have improved our performance even more than as of June. We would like to solve the difficult social problems represented by the Corona Virus by Tomitake.”