Australia Adelaide Corona Virus Outbreak to Be Restricted from 19th

Australia Adelaide Corona Virus Outbreak to Be Restricted from 19 November 17:00

In Australia, where infection of the new coronavirus was seen as converging, a population infection was confirmed in southern Adelaide, restricting people from going out from 19 days throughout the state.

In Australia this month, up to 10 new people a day were infected with the new coronavirus, and even in Melbourne, the second most severely infected city, the country’s only continuing out-of-office limit was lifted on August 8.

However, according to the state government of South Australia, the infection has been confirmed one after another in the central city of Adelaide earlier this month, including those who are thought to have been in contact with hotel cleaning personnel to isolate returnees, for a total of 22 people so far.

For this reason, the state government has announced that it will introduce out-of-office restrictions throughout the state for six days after midnight on the 19th.

Specifically, schools and restaurants are closed, and outings are prohibited for purposes other than shopping for daily necessities or visiting hospitals, and only one person per day can go out at each home.

South Australia’s Prime Minister Marshall said in a press conference that “there is only one chance to stop the second wave of infection” and expressed a sense of crisis and asked residents for their understanding.

The state government wants to limit the spread of infection by restricting the number of people infected at an early stage, keeping in mind that the number of infected people is increasing again in the United States, Europe, and other countries.