Compliments from celebrities such as “Jose, Tiger and Fish” long PV & new visual, Kafka Asagiri arrived

The long PV and new visuals of the anime movie “Jose, the Tiger and the Fish” have been released. The long PV with the theme song “Ao no Waltz” by Eve and the insert song “Shinkai” starts from the scene of an impressive encounter between Tsuneo and Jose on the slope. Along with the narration by Taishi Nakagawa, who played Tsuneo, Tsuneo heading straight toward his dream and Jose facing each other while struggling against the reality that stands in the way are gradually unraveling as they spend their time. In addition, on December 25th, when the movie will be released, the new visual will feature Tsuneo and Jose in winter clothes. Comments have also arrived from animation directors such as Kyohei Ishiguro, Tomohiko Ito, and Tsutomu Mizushima, as well as screenwriter Ichiro Okouchi and Kafka Asagiri, the original author of “Bungo Stray Dogs.” Asagiri said, “Everything you can see is wonderful. The scenery, the fluctuation of light, the profile of the character, the facial expression, the delicate physicality created by the beautiful main line, the painful feeling of life created by combining that body and the wheelchair. “A masterpiece” and a compliment. Norihiro Akahoshi (baseball commentator) Comment “Draw a dream, talk about a dream” I realize its beauty and fragility. Don’t take the sights you usually see and the emotions that come from them as a matter of course. After watching it, I was moved by its depth and warmth. Kafka Asagiri (manga story writer / novelist) Everything you see is wonderful. The scenery, the fluctuation of light, the profile of the character, the facial expression, the delicate physicality created by the beautiful main line, and the painful realization of life created by the combination of that body and the wheelchair. A masterpiece. By meeting Tomoka Igari (idol) Tsuneo, Jose was very brilliant as he went on to explore the outside world. It was a movie that was not only heartwarming but also very exciting. I also want to roll down the slope in a wheelchair and find an encounter! (Laughs) Kyohei Ishiguro (animation director) Buoyancy resides in the picture. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the ground or underwater. The reason why Tsuneo and Jose were able to fly Sora freely in the true sense of the word was that all the staff, including Mr. Tamura and Mr. Iizuka, were sincere in the work. It will soak in, yeah. Kashitaro Ito (singer-songwriter / novelist) My favorite movie, “Jose”. I couldn’t help but show it. I have the impression that the tremendous hardship and love of creating a new Jose for the production team has paid off. It was a very nice animation! Tomohiko Ito (animation director) Beautiful screens, sincere characters, and music that seems to be close to it. I feel that I can be a little kinder in the times when people are isolated and torn apart. I think that the pureness of this work is what is needed now. I want you to feel it with someone important to you. Ichiro Okochi (Screenwriter) It was a beautiful movie. Not only the video, but also the hearts of the characters. Difficulties and the possibilities and choices to face them. It was a very beautiful and comfortable movie that made my heart a little cleaner. Cui-daore Taro The familiar city of Osaka looks beautiful without coming. The story, the colors, and the scenery are all beautiful and beautiful movies. Sugar Irno (illustrator) The depiction of the world seen by the main characters was polite, and I was immediately drawn into the story.
Not only was the clothes fashionable, but I could also feel the changes in the seasons and feelings.
I want you to pay attention to that as well! Fumie Suguri (figure skating choreographer) Jose, who was in the house, went out to the outside world, and the inside of his happy heart was beautifully depicted in the animation, and my heart jumped unexpectedly. It was. Akane Chihaya (writer) I always thought that Jose and Tsuneo had different perspectives. But whether you’re diving in the ocean or in a wheelchair, the fear of reaching for what you want remains the same. The scenery ahead without giving up was vivid and beautiful. I met two new people who are different from novels and live-action movies. Haruna Terachi (Writer) Everyone is scared to reach for something that cannot be reached. But if you don’t reach out, you won’t even know what you’re looking for. We can ask for more, and we don’t have to give up anything else for that. Keisuke Hirose (Mayor of Neyagawa) The depiction of “everyday scenery” in Osaka and Kobe is vivid and beautiful. It is an honor to be drawn to my city in such a wonderful movie world. Also pay attention to the appearance of the casual city where young people live! Of course, Neyagawa citizens are a must-see. Tsutomu Mizushima (animation director) It’s easy to give up on many things. If you try something without giving up, it will hurt you. It’s a movie that is close to those people who are still hurt and go on. Natsume Mito (actress / talent / model) A tingling emotion was conveyed from the beautiful images and music. I watched it while cheering for the two of them, but when I realized it, it was a movie that gave me a lot of courage. Even after watching it, I’m still worried about the two of them (laughs) Hiroyuki Yamamoto (free announcer) Eve’s music is refined with glittering images. Another new attraction to the original and live-action version! Although the shape changes, it is wrapped in a wonderful lingering sound after seeing it, which is brought about by the masterpiece of Tanabe literature.Anime movie “Jose, the Tiger and the Fish” Roadshow, December 25, 2020


Original: Seiko Tanabe “Jose, Tiger and Fish” (published by Kadokawa Bunko)
Director: Tamura Coataro
Screenplay: Sayaka Kuwamura
Character draft: Nao Emoto
Character design / animation director: Haruko Iizuka
Concept design: loundraw (FLAT STUDIO)
Picture in the play: Nanako Matsuda
Production design: Akihiro Hirasawa, Fumihiro Katagai, Shoko Nakamura
Screen design: Toshihiro Kawamoto
Art director: Yuji Kaneko
Color design: Hiroko Umezaki
Cinematographer: Go Kamibayashi
3DCG Director: Takuma Miyake
Edited by: Kumiko Sakamoto
Music: Evan Call
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Sound production: Sonilud
Animation production: Bonds
Distribution: Shochiku / KADOKAWA
Production: “Jose, Tiger and Fish” Production Committee


Tsuneo Suzukawa: Taishi Nakagawa
Josee: Kaya Kiyohara
Mai Ninomiya: Yume Miyamoto
Hayato Matsuura: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Kishimoto Hanana: Lynn
Chizu Yamamura: Chiemi Matsutera
Nishida Manager: Shintaro Moriyama
Station staff: Lily (c) 2020 Seiko Tanabe / KADOKAWA / Josee Project