Governor Uchibori of Fukushima Prefecture Waiting at home Public car driver Corona Virus positive

Governor Uchibori of Fukushima Prefecture Waiting at Home Public Car Driver Corona Virus Positive at 19:20 on November 18 In Fukushima Prefecture, it was confirmed that Governor Uchibori’s public car driver was infected with the new coronavirus. He announced that he would be waiting at home until November 27, as he was a close contact. According to Fukushima Prefecture, a driver in his 50s in Governor Uchibori’s official car felt fever and olfactory abnormalities, so he underwent a PCR test and was confirmed to have been infected with the new coronavirus on the morning of the 18th. ..

For this reason, Governor Uchibori did not go to the office on the 18th and was negative when he underwent a PCR test.

However, Governor Uchibori said that he would move in a public car driven by this driver on November 13th, stay in the same car for about two hours, and wait at home until November 27th, saying that he would “hit a close contact”.

Governor Uchibori said that he would continue his official duties by telephone or e-mail while waiting at home, saying, “Although it will cause trouble for the citizens of the prefecture, we will carry out our official duties through various means so as not to hinder the administration of the prefectural government. I will strive for it. ”