SKE48 Mina Oba’s 2nd photo book is “The usual elements are out” “If you can see the eleven abdominal muscles”

SKE48’s Mina Oba will release her 2nd photo book “Answer Matching” (Shogakukan) on Wednesday, 18th. A release commemorative talk was held at Village Vanguard Shibuya Main Store.

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“Answer Matching” is a masterpiece that the staff did not accompany and challenged to shoot 1: 1 with female photographer Maki Taguchi. It is a work full of life-sized figures of 28 years old.

Mina Oba said, “Through this photobook, I thought that I would be able to answer in my own way, and the words I received from Professor Akimoto on the obi were” Mina Oba does not shake “and” Illuminate the present and the past. ” “We are moving forward while matching”, and it is true that we are working while comparing the past and the present, so I thought that the title “matching answers” is perfect. “

“I think that a photobook that is 180 degrees different from the previous work has been completed, and I think that it was the first photobook that was 100% idoled. This time the second photobook is from home. I think that you can see the ordinary private Mina Oba in your daily life by bringing in a big stuffed bear and other personal belongings that the fans gave you, “he said about the difference from the previous work.

“Also, for about a month, as a preparation, I did some muscle training and dietary restrictions at home, and I wanted to make the” eleven abs “that is popular now, so I dieted 3 or 4 kg, so I also looked at that and answered I’d be happy if you could get it, “he said.

“It was my first time to shoot gravure with a female photographer, and I was embarrassed because I was a woman, and I lived alone for five days, and among them, there was a lot of volume to shoot on the third day. It was a nice day, but there was a difference in feelings between me and the photographer, Mr. Taguchi, and we both broke our stomachs and talked if we couldn’t keep up that night. ” “When I look at it, there are some pictures that I don’t think are cute, and I think that’s how much I usually see when I’m 28 years old,” he said.

This month is the 11th anniversary of debut. Regarding group activities, “As a senior member, I’m more and more told that I’m a veteran as an active 48 group idol at the age of 28, so as a group member, I can tell my juniors various things. I think I have to become a idol, and I’m starting to leave a lot to my juniors, so I’m doing my best to be an idol, but I’m preparing to go out little by little, and the new 48 in the future I’m wondering if I could form a group, “he said.” By the way, I have no plans to graduate so far, so maybe I’ll be an active idol until I’m 30 years old! ” I showed it.

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