Stock price price drops “For the time being, profit was secured, and a lot of stocks were sold and ordered”

Stock Price Drops “For the Time being Securing Profits Many Stocks Have Sold and Ordered” November 18, 16:21

On the 18th, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Nikkei Stock Average closed the transaction down by more than 280 yen. A sell order was placed on many brands after it was reported that 493 new people were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo.
Nikkei Stock Average, closing price on the 18th is 286.48 yen from the 17th, cheap, 25,728.14 yen.
Tokyo Stock Exchange Index: Topics, down 14.01, 1720.65,
The volume per day was 1.187.06 million shares.

Market insiders said, “With the Nikkei Stock Average recovering to the 26,000 yen level yesterday and there is a view that the pace of stock price growth is too fast, concerns about the spread of the new coronavirus have increased among investors, and many stocks have placed sell orders to secure profits for the time being.”