Taiwan “pro-China” news specialty channel license renewal not approved

Taiwan “Pro-China” News Channel License Renewal Not Approved November 18 22:48

The agency in charge of Taiwan’s broadcasting administration decided today not to renew the license of the news channel of the television station under the control of the pro-China ies, against the grounds of insufficient fact-checking reports. Tv stations are strongly opposed to the decision, which they say is a political decision.
The decision was received by the news channel “Nakaten Shimbundai”, and the renewal of the license which is until the 11th of next month was not approved.

The NCC, which is in charge of Taiwan’s broadcasting administration, whose channel has been disposed of more than 20 times since its license was renewed six years ago due to insufficient fact-checking reports, has not improved, and the major shareholders have decided to intervene in production.

The reports subject to the disposition included those in which the tone of the argument was judged to have an impact on the fairness of the election by the opposition’s National Party.

The TV station that operates the channel, “Nakaten Television,” is under the control of an thyman who is considered pro-China and strongly opposes it as a “political decision.”

The National Party has also criticized the “great retreat of freedom of the press.”

The Democratic Progressive Party government said, “The members of the NCC are served by the consent of the Legislature, which is the legislature. We respect the decisions of independent institutions,” but this decision is likely to cause ripples.