A lovely natural monument Japanese Yamane Oita Hita

Natural monument Japanese yamane is adorable Oita Hita November 19, 18:43 k10012721271_202011191832_202011191833.mp4 In Hita city, Oita prefecture, a natural monument of a country similar to rats and squirrels, Nihon yamane, showed a lovely appearance. Nihonyamane is a mammal similar to rats and squirrels that has been inhabiting the country for millions of years, and is designated as a national natural monument.

According to the Hita City Museum, on the 13th of this month, an employee was found inside a container at a factory in Maetsuemachi, Hita City.

When the museum that was contacted investigated it, it was confirmed that it was about 8 cm in length.

It is said that this Nihon Yamane showed a lovely appearance, such as moving its bushy tail.

Since the national natural monument cannot be captured or bred, the museum took a picture for the record and then released it in the grass on the factory grounds.

Shiro Yukitoki, director of the Hita City Museum, said, “It seems that it was found while looking for a place to hibernate. The discovery of the rare animal dormouse tells us that the nature of Hita City is abundant. I think there are. ”