Fertility Treatment Subsidy System To Eliminate Income Restrictions and Raise Subsidy Amounts Government

Fertility treatment subsidy system To remove income restrictions and raise the amount of subsidies The government on November 19 at 5:45 a.m.

In order to reduce the burden of infertility treatment, the government has decided to remove the income limit of the current subsidy system, raise the amount of subsidies by the end of this fiscal year, and make adjustments such as specific amounts.
In vitro fertilization, which does not have public insurance for infertility treatment, has a subsidy system in place, and if the wife is under the age of 43 and her combined income is less than 7.3 million yen, the first treatment will be 300,000 yen, and then up to 150,000 yen will be paid up to six times.

The government is considering expanding the subsidy system in order to reduce the economic burden of infertility treatment, and has decided to remove the income limit so far.

In addition, based on the Komeito’s request to raise the amount of subsidies to a maximum of 400,000 yen per grant, we plan to raise the amount by the end of this fiscal year, and we are working to adjust the specific amount.

In addition, we are considering a proposal to allow up to six times of the number of times that the grant can be received if it leads to childbirth.

On the other hand, as the pregnancy rate decreases due to the age increase of the wife’s age limit, adjustment is expected to proceed in the direction of maintenance.