“Go To Travel” coupon fraud measures start from November 25

“Go To Travel” Coupon Fraud Prevention Starts November 25th November 19th 6:23 AM

The Japan Tourism Agency announced on November 25 that it will begin anti-fraud measures using users’ mobile phones, as there have been several suspected cases of fraudulent receipt of “regional coupons” issued to users in Go To Travel, a measure to stimulate tourism demand.
Among the “Regional Coupons” issued to users with “Go To Travel”, electronic coupons can be received by entering the reservation number on your smartphone without checking in to the property after 3:00 p.m. on the day of your stay.

According to the Japan Tourism Agency, there have been several cases in Japan where illegal receipt of electronic coupons has occurred by canceling accommodation without permission since October, when coupons be made available.

For this reason, the Japan Tourism Agency has decided to introduce anti-fraud measures using a mechanism called SMS authentication using a SMS service that allows users to send messages to mobile phones.

In the process of receiving a coupon, the user enters the mobile phone number and does not enter the four-digit authorization number that arrived on the mobile phone before it can be received.

The Japan Tourism Agency is going to start on the 25th to make it easier to identify users and make it easier to do fraud.