Saeko, thank you for “Bonbon TV”! “God” for God’s response to children

Talent Saeko revealed on the official YouTube channel “Sae Channel / Saeko Official” on the 10th that she was impressed by YouTuber’s response to God. Saeko Saeko started talking about “Once upon a time, children loved YouTube” in the video “[Chat]When I turned the camera at a cafe, it almost became a story of insects” released on this day. It seems that the children were big fans of Yocchi who appeared on the YouTube channel “Bonbon TV” for elementary and junior high school students, but one day, they showed an episode that they happened to encounter Yocchi who was visiting Okinawa on a UUUM employee trip. The children were so happy that they acted like a celebrity’s child. Even though they are in private, they wander around nearby. “It’s annoying. I’ve been obsessed with my children all the time. Do you have any unpleasant feelings for yourself? ”, But I’m still going,” he said with his own experiences, but he didn’t quite listen to what he said. Confessed. Saeko continued, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m going to apologize.” But Saeko said, “They are really good people and they played with my child. I love them more.” It seems that he was impressed by the gentle response. In addition, he said, “At a later date, please send me something like an experimental kit produced by Yocchi-san. With a sign. God.”, Mr. Mantaro, the manager, said, “Gentle. I was deeply moved.