Vehicle type in October 2020!All registered units & sales ranking

The number of new cars sold in October 2020 was announced.
The total is 253,304 units. This was an increase of 31.6% compared to the same month of the previous year.
In addition, it decreased by 13.7% from the previous month (293,520 units).

Due to the corona wreck, the total number of vehicles was expected to continue to decrease compared to the same month of the previous year.
This month was the first increase in 13 months.

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By vehicle type
・ Ordinary passenger car (plus 34.9%)
・ Small passenger car (plus 34.0%)
・ Ordinary freight vehicle (plus 28.4%)
・ Small freight vehicle (plus 9.4%)
・ Bus (minus 41.6%)

The number of registered working days in October was 22 days, which was one more than the previous year.

■ Sales ranking

1st place Yaris 18,592 units
2nd place Rise 13,256 units
3rd place Roomy 11,487 units
4th place Corolla 10,275 units
5th place Alphard 10,93 units
6th place Harrier 9674
7th place Fit 900 1 unit
8th place Freed 7849 units
9th place Voxy 6258
10th place Sienta 6077 units

1st place N box 16,052 units
2nd place Tanto 13,099 units
3rd place Spacia 12,245 units
4th place Move 10,472 units
5th place Taft 7471 units
6th place Roox 7069
7th place Hustler 6536 units
8th place Mira 616 1 unit
9th place N-WGN 5943 units
10th place Alto 53 25 units

Announced on November 6, the number of new domestic cars registered is as follows.