Corona Vaccine Osaka Vaccine Toward Clinical Trials to Increase the Number of Dosing

Corona Vaccine Osaka Vaccine Company To Clinical Trial to Increase the Number of Patients Administered November 20, 19:05 A bio-venture company in Osaka, which is conducting clinical trials of a new coronavirus vaccine, has increased the number of people to administer the vaccine. Announced to begin phased clinical trials. This was announced on the 20th by AnGes MG, a bio-venture company in Ibaraki City, Osaka, which was established by researchers at Osaka University.

In June, the company was the first domestic company to conduct a clinical trial to administer the new coronavirus vaccine to dozens of healthy adults, and according to the announcement, more people are taking it from this month. We are planning to start the next stage of clinical trials.

In a new clinical trial, 500 healthy adults will be vaccinated twice with a two-week or four-week interval, divided into those who receive the vaccine and a placebo that resembles the vaccine.

The company says that it will investigate safety and whether immunity is induced and determine the dosage and administration of the vaccine, and after conducting this clinical trial, more people will verify the effect of preventing the onset. Will conduct clinical trials in which

The company plans to publish the results of clinical trials it has conducted so far.